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Working together within shared premises in Strasbourg to contribute to the development of the social and solidarity economy within the territory.

The project

What Is It? KaléidosCOOP is a cross-border third-place for cooperation, open to everyone for working, doing business and consuming differently. It takes in employment professionals and stakeholders in business development and in the social and solidarity economy, who will be working together to provide new services and new activities for both the territory and its inhabitants.

Who’s it for? It’s a place open to everyone! KaléidosCOOP encourages cooperation between inhabitants, project leaders, associations, charities and companies which are seeking to share their skills, moving forward together and supporting each other in furthering their projects.

What for? This is an alternative, innovation-led place which allows all its members to take a fresh approach to the city, business and work. KaléidosCOOP provides the platform for people to meet and to share the common purpose of living together within a dynamic, creative and cooperative environment.

Where? KaléidosCOOP will be moving into its new home on the site of the old COOP in the Rhine Port area in 2020. The site itself symbolises cooperation and exchanges between France and Germany–the overarching values of our project.

How? KaléidosCOOP will be offering:

KaléidosCOOP will be featuring a large co-working area for local businesses and project leaders. They will be able to seek advice and support at key stages in the life-cycle of their businesses – creation, collective entrepreneurship, development, sale/acquisition.

KaléidosCOOP will be featuring several start-up organisations, working in collaboration with the chambers of commerce. The organisations will start working with project leaders in 2018, at Coffignal, in the Meinau district of Strasbourg.

One of KaléidosCOOP’s aims is to widen access to jobs and to apprenticeships throughout the Eurodistrict. French applicants seeking to work in the Ortenau will be given expert guidance, support and training. Support will also be offered to German companies wishing to take on French applicants.

KaléidosCOOP will be a unique and iconic centre, bringing together stakeholders in the social and solidarity economy and helping them grow their business.

A retail precinct selling SSE products and services will help promote locally-sourced and responsible purchasing and raise the SSE profile.

KaléidosCOOP will help drive social innovation through its support for new ideas and by networking stakeholders and making technical solutions available for sharing by the inhabitants of the territory as a whole.

KaléidosCOOP will provide support for entrepreneurs at all key stages of their business’ life-cycle, from start-up to sale. SMEs and VSBs will be able to use a shared HR platform.

KaléidosCOOP ouvre dans quelques mois !

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5 rue de la Coopérative
67000 Strasbourg